What’s the deal with Solid Shampoo Bars?

Q: What are Solid Shampoo Bars (aka Syndet Bars)?

A: My solid shampoo bars are a handheld bar made up of naturally sourced, sulfate-free detergent. I also like to include hair loving ingredients like DL-Panthenol, shea butter, and other additions. The detergents I choose to use are mild, sourced from coconut oil, and often come from renewable resources.

Q: But Kirsten, I thought you didn’t like detergents?

A: If you read my blog post about True Soap vs Synthetic Detergents, you may have gotten that impression. But detergents have a time and a place, one of which is shampoo! Cold process soap like I make has a basic PH value; however, our hair, which is much more prone to breakage, prefers a neutral PH value. I can adjust for this much easier in a syndet bar by adding in food grade citric acid to balance the formula.

Q: What are the benefits of solid shampoo?

A: There are so many! Solid shampoo travels well, is small and compact, and helps you reduce plastic waste. It means you’re not paying for water in your product or for a plastic container you’ll never reuse.

Q: How do I use a solid shampoo?

A: It’s super easy. Wet your hair like normal in the shower or tub. Gently rub the bar over your hair from root to tips. A little goes a long way! After you feel like you have enough, put down the bar and continue to massage the shampoo into your hair. The product will foam up quickly just like a water-based shampoo. Rinse and enjoy your luxurious locks! If needed, follow up with a solid conditioner.

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