Eco-Friendly Efforts


One of my major goals at Bair Necessities is to make the company as eco-friendly as possible. Whenever I can't eliminate waste entirely, I try to make reusable.

I put a lot of care into the companies I source my ingredients from, and find local and small suppliers where possible. I do choose to often use fragrance oils and micas, and keep a close eye on the standards of the companies I buy from.

My promise to you is to never green-wash our products.  Plastic and other waste material are sometimes unavoidable, especially for a small business. I try my hardest each day to make a real difference in our community and my household. If you every have any questions in regards to my product sourcing and eco-friendly efforts, I am more than happy to chat!

Reducing Plastic Waste
  • Ordering oils in reusable buckets
  • Tagging with recyclable paper bands
  • Creating solid product
  • Using glass where necessary
  • Palm oil is responsibly sourced and certified RSPO
  • Colorants are vegan, not tested on animals, and sourced from ethical suppliers
Fragrances and Surfactants
  • Fragrances and pthalate and paraben free and conform to CA Prop 65
  • Our products which use surfactants use natural alternatives where possible