what we do

Bair Necessities is a small, self run business which specialized in handmade, artisan soap and other bath and body products. Founded in 2019, our goal is to provide a local alternative to everyday products. You'll find that our products and packaging make every effort to be minimal, recyclable, and reusable.  

Kirsten Ferguson

welcome Home...

At the end of 2019, I had just had my second baby and was finding that his skin was beyond sensitive. If we used the wrong soap, diapers, or creams his skin would break out and bleed. Nothing over the counter or doctor recommended was quite fixing the issue. So I decided to take the leap and do something I had been researching for a few years; I made my first batch of soap. The result was a new addiction and love. I took my time developing my own recipes, making lots of mistakes, and learning how to channel my creativity into an age-old art form.

I named my business after my grandma, and started building it from the ground up. My hope is for everyone that uses my products to feel the love and attention to detail I put into every bar. Stay sudsy my friends!

Kirsten Ferguson